Features included on my websites

web design in derby - wadsweb web designLightboxes and gallery pages

Having a gallery is a great way to show examples of your work and make your new website look more interesting. The lightbox is a great feature for gallery pages. With lightbox, when you click on an image the background will fade and the image will enlarge, as you can see in the example.

This is a feature that will make your website look more professional and stand out more to your viewers. Lightbox is used on well know websites such as the gallery pages on Facebook and the BBC's many websites. I've used this feature on my portfolio page, take a look.

websites design with slideshows - wadsweb derbyWebsite slide shows

Another attractive feature to have on your website is a slide show.

The slideshows used on my basic website designs can pause when you hover over the image with the mouse, and if required can link to other pages or websites. These can be made to almost any size required and the speed of transition and slide change effects can be adapted to your requirements. An example of this can be found on the home page of this website.

website design in derbyRollover images

You can also have a rollover feature, which can be used to highlight images. As you can see from the example seen here, when you hover over the image a brighter version appears. This effect can be varied, for example you may want text to appear when hovered over.

This feature can also be linked to other pages or websites. The example here links to an early design that I designed for Little Beauty Box, a beauty salon in Bromley.



Links to other websites and
Twitter & Facebook

I can also include links to your Facebook or Twitter page and to any other website you want.

As well as this I can include the Facebook like button, Twitter's tweet button and the Google +1 button, all of which will help your website get noticed more.

Facebook and Google Places

web designFor an additional £20 I'll set up your Facebook business page including cover images, and a Google Places account including Google Analytics.

Website Contact Forms

Contact forms are a nice feature to have. Your customer will be able to send a message direct to your email account without the need to log on to their account, making it easier and quicker you reach you.

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